Confessions of an Ex-Superwoman: A One-Woman Show
Confessions of an exSuperwoman is a one-woman show based on the life of Dr. Kimberly J. Chandler. In 2011, Dr. Chandler began a blog entitled “Confessions of an exSuperwoman” as an opportunity to chronicle her feelings, revelations, and observations concerning her healing journey from the ravages of psychological, physical and sexual abuse. This journey includes navigating life in 20th and 21st century America as a large, independent, self-sufficient, assertive, strong, Black woman; an identity space fraught with a complex plethora of challenges and contradictions.

Fall Tour begins September, 2017

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You think you know Black women???

You haven't scratched the surface!!! 

One woman.

One stage.

One woman's story that's EVERY BLACK WOMAN'S story of tragedy to triumph and every contradiction in between. Be there as Dr. Kim opens the curtain of her life and takes you on a journey rarely seen - and NEVER  heard - about what it's like to live and love while Black in America!