A Scholar, a Teacher, and a Preacher...but most of all, a REACHER!

Dr. Kimberly J. Chandler's mission is to encourage and challenge everyone to embrace liberated living!

For over 30 years, Dr. Chandler has been actively using her education, talents and spiritual gifts to share her unique story of healing as well as show people the way to freedom and enlightenment. As a gifted orator, she has a message of acceptance, love, and liberation for diverse audiences, whether preaching or simply engaging in public speaking.  As a scholar, she endeavors to give voice to the voiceless through her writing and research. As a teacher, she opens the door of knowledge by offering her students and clients a road map to personal growth and development.

Presently, Dr. Chandler is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Xavier University of Louisiana. As well, she is an affiliate faculty member of the University's Women’s Studies Program. She is an accomplished author and in-demand speaker on a range of topics.  Her work focuses on how gendered communication informs and influences everything from politics, religion, and education to pop culture, relationships, and media.  Her research interests are in Gender and Communication, specifically focusing on African American masculinities as well as Black women and identity negotiation.  Her latest work includes a one-woman show entitled “Confessions of an exSuperwoman” as well as an accompanying documentary and book-length autocritography. Dr. Chandler will embark on the "Confessions Tour" in September, 2017.  It will include the full length show and a educational workshop.

Dr. Chandler believes that when each of us understands why we are here we can be of service in innumerable ways. Therefore, whatever she does and wherever she goes, it is her desire to always offer others an opportunity to know their lives have purpose and their voices matter in this world.